No Time to Play During August Recess

Summer is usually the busiest time of year for integrators installing new systems into educational facilities. It’s also busy for Congress. This summer, several last-ditch efforts are being made with the hope to pass several legislative initiatives promising dismal returns for small business owners. 

NSCA continues to follow issues in Washington that would affect the ability of small businesses in our industry to recover and grow. Job growth increases the ability to bid  and win jobs as well as the professionalism of the industry through highly trained employees. Initiatives moving through Congress, while appearing to be helpful, would actually raise the costs of doing business and limit job growth: 1) Card Check/Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) continues to be at the forefront of the union agenda, 2) a bill that would make sweeping changes to OSHA requirements and 3) legislation burying tax incentives for small businesses into what has become a disposal of personal requests. Each of these would crush optimistic hopes for the future of small business. Plus, confusion about healthcare reform remains, including whether employers will be able to retain these benefits and/or employees in order to meet these requirements. 

During the August recess, many legislators will host town hall meetings throughout their districts. I encourage you not only to attend, but also to engage and follow up. Being a part of this process is critical to your business and the industry. Encourage hard evaluation of the legislation under consideration and the long-term ramifications it would have on small businesses that are already struggling. Visit the NSCA Grassroots Action Center to find your legislators’ websites and listings of upcoming town hall meetings.


PS – check out these articles detailing the efforts to try to pass Card Check after the November elections –


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